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  • Magnetic Particle Inspection is great for inspecting materials for surface and near-surface breaking defects on ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt and steel.

  • A magnet or electrical current is used to establish a magnetic field in the object to detect defects such as cracks, porosity, cold shuts, laps and etc.

  • With simple and fast application, inspection provides immediate indication of defects and discontinuities.

  • It is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, oil & gas, structural and power generation.

  • Main application areas include engines, steel components, suspension, brake systems, casting, forgings and welded materials.

  • We have capabilities to perform both mobile (on-site) inspections with our advanced portable equipment and in-house inspections with advanced wet horizontal bench unit.

  • Our professional technicians will perform the necessary inspections with the latest codes, specifications and customer specifications on time, every time.


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